Dry Clean in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is truly one of the country’s most wondrous cities: It played an integral role in the formative years of the Unite States. It was the home of the fictional movie character, Rocky. To this day it’s still a cultural center in this country and undoubtedly it will continue be important to the state of Pennsylvania and the country.

Dry Cleaning near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Do you hate doing laundry? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Home owners and business owners all across Philadelphia have laundry that needs doing and so many other things that are a bigger priority. Luckily, Captain Dry Clean is here to save you from mounds of unwashed clothes and linens. Wash, dry, and fold services are all available at highly competitive rates, and pick up and drop off is free. You can’t beat that! Call 1-888-982-2782 now to get started!

Philadelphia, PA Residential Dry Cleaning

It can be hard to make time to do wash or go to the Laundromat when life has so many other demands. If you can’t always make time to clean your clothes, you don’t have to with Captain Dry Clean! We’ll pick up and drop off your clothes for FREE if you use our services. Wash, dry, and fold options are all available for a nominal fee. Get started today by called 1-888-982-2782!

Corporate Dry Cleaning in 19102

There are a lot of businesses in Philly: restaurants, hotels, doctors’ offices, and more. Many businesses depend on clean linen and uniforms to function, but many businesses do not have the equipment and manpower or the budget to buy equipment and manpower to do all that laundry. So they let Captain Dry Clean take care of it for them! You, too, can be saved by Captain Dry Clean. To start having you clothes washed, dried, and folded for you, call 1-888-982-2782!

Organic Dry Cleaning near 19102

Now more than ever, protecting our planet is important. It’s up to all of us to do our part, too. You can help do your part to protect our precious planet by using Captain Dry Clean’s services! If you don’t have time to wash, dry, and fold your laundry, let us do it for you. We only use the safest, eco-friendly detergents so that we can keep our air and water clean. With Captain Dry Clean, you can save the planet and save yourself from tedious heaps laundry! Call 1-888-982-2782 now!


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