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Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Originally named “Maidenhead” after the English town on the Thames River, Lawrenceville, New Jersey dates back to Colonial-era America and has been a cultural center ever since. Its current name, Lawrenceville, comes from Captain James Lawrence, a naval hero during the War of 1812. Whatever its name—Maidenhead or Lawrenceville—there’s no denying that the town is a staple in American history.

Dry Cleaning near Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Most people, whether homeowners or businessmen, deal with the inconvenience of laundry. Life is cluttered with errands and meetings, appointments and to-do’s, so getting to the overflowing laundry basket isn’t always the number one priority. If this sounds like your life, Captain Dry Clean’s got a solution for you. With free pickup and drop-off service to residential and corporate customers, Captain Dry Clean offers affordable wash, dry, and press services for the people who just can’t make the time. Captain Dry Clean has been called the number one Lawrenceville, NJ dry cleaner, and there’s a reason! Call today at 1-888-982-2782 to learn more about how Captain Dry Clean can save you!

Lawrenceville, NJ Residential Dry Cleaning

Large families know all too well that having lots of people under a single roof can lead to lots of loads of laundry. And it’s no secret that laundry is a time-consuming chore—more laundry means more time spent doing laundry and with just a single washer and dryer, the task can seem endless. Lucky for you, Captain Dry Clean is here to save the day! As the number one Lawrenceville, NJ dry cleaner, Captain Dry clean offers wash, fold, and press services all at affordable rates. And with free pickup and delivery, you can’t go wrong. Learn more about the best Lawrenceville, NJ dry cleaner today by calling 1-888-982-2782!

Corporate Dry Cleaning in 08648

Savvy businessmen know that you’ve got to spend money to make money. They also know that some expenses are not always necessary. Restaurant and hotel owners know that part of their business requires clean table and best dressings. Now, these business owners could invest in costly washing and drying technologies and hire more employees to do the vast amounts of laundry that are created every day. Or, they could call Captain Dry Clean to save the day! With Captain Dry Clean, the number one Lawrenceville, NJ dry cleaner, business owners can enjoy affordable wash, fold, and press services with free pickup and drop-off. Save time and money with Captain Dry Clean by calling 1-888-982-2782!

Organic Dry Cleaning near 08648

If you’re like Captain Dry Clean, you want to live in a clean world. We here at Captain Dry Clean, Lawrenceville, New Jersey’s number one dry cleaner, are dedicated to keeping our planet clean. With eco-friendly bio-degradable detergents and great customer programs like the “Hanger Hero” program, Captain Dry Clean is looking out for you and the planet. Call  1-888-982-2782 today to learn more!


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