Behind The Mask

Captain Dry Clean

Baby Captain Dry Clean, was born in a town near the ocean to loving parents. His mother, a homemaker, slaved over laundry and housework each day for her baby and 6 other children. His father was a sailor who was known for his expert seafaring ways in the turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Shortly after his birth, one day, while his mother was meticulously tending to her 6th load of laundry, the baby inadvertantly fell into an open washing machine full of clothes and detergent. His mother, distracted by the commotion of his other siblings, did not notice that the baby was left in the washer and set to agitate on a cold water, gentle cycle. Amazingly, the baby did not drown, but instead reveled in the swirling and bouncing of the machine and its bubbles. It was on this fateful day that he developed superhuman strength and speed and vowed to make it his mission to save his mother, and anyone else who needed saving, from the depths of dirty laundry. Thus, Captain Dry Clean was born.

At a young age, Captain Dry Clean mastered the art of quick and friendly pickup and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning to family members and friends. He received such wonderful feedback, that he opened his own company, and extended his services to others in his community. To this day, he engages in a daily regimen of rigorous exercise (including jumping in and out of a delivery van, lifting heavy bags of laundry and Sweating to the Oldies) to keep himself in peak condition.

Known limitations: Captain Dry Clean is subject to all human vulnerabilities, although his immunity to smelly laundry is extraordinary. Weapons: Captain Dry Clean’s only weapon is his tricked out Delivery Van.

Weapons: Captain Dry Clean’s only weapon is his tricked out Delivery Van.

Folding Girl

As a young child, she bumped her head on an ironing board and became electrocuted. Since that unfortunate incident she developed the uncanny ability to iron and fold clothes impeccably.

Weapons: Tide, Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets and her quick folding hands.


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